Our Services

Collaborative, Bespoke, Professional.

Podcast Production

Being home to some of Scotland’s best podcasts, we know a thing or two about production and what really makes a show stand out. We can drive performance, delivering high-impact, engaging conversations for your target market. With our post-production services, we can transform your podcasts into professional-grade digital media.

Visuals & Branding

We have extensive experience in creating logos, banners for all services. We can help you create visual branding from the ground up that can be used everywhere from YouTube to Facebook, from Podcasts to business cards. We can work with you to find the style and design that best suits your business needs.

Video Production

Looking for promotional material for your business or products? Hosting an event, looking for some live coverage? Or maybe you’re an aspiring YouTuber that lacks the know-how to create striking edits of your latest content? This is where we come in, let’s chase success together.


We can offer advice on a one-to-one basis to help you get started on your journey, or help you at a sticking point in developing your creative venture.

After 12 Media’s Success Stories

British Laryngology Association (BLA)

This surgeons association held their annual conference in Edinburgh at the Royal Surgeons Museum. We were tasked with the very privelaged task of capturing the thougts of the surgeons on their field, and the wider medical community. These were to be used in three ways:

  1. The BLA Connect APP
  2. The BLA Social Media Channels
  3. External promotional material (websites etc.)

We captured 22 completely unique interviews over the course of the three day conference. After 12 then took all the footage to create over 60 separate files, one rendered for each mode of use as outlined above.

The files were adjusted for specific aspect ratios for each platform, full audio mixing & mastering as well as a bespoke visual and audio intro and outro cues unique to the BLA project.

We continue to have close links with the BLA and are currently providing them with podcast production helping setting up their very own show on a consultancy only basis.

You can find examples of this work on the ‘BLA connect’ app in the IOS App of Google Play Stores.

Gray Mania Fitness

Gray Mania is an establisehd leisure facility and bespoke fitness programme providor based in Edinburgh. GMF’s market is geared towards martial arts, including Muytai and MMA, as well as being one of the leading brands in promoting Scottish Powerlifiting and training some of the counties top competing athletes. GMF also has its own team of competing athletes.

GMF approached After 12 media with two key aims.

  1. To reach more of its target audience using our advertising facilities
  2. Find a new way to promote Scottish powerlifting as a sport

After 12 helped establish what is now, the number #1 Fitness podcast in scotland in association with the owner of GMF, Chris Gray. This solution was the most viable, cost-effective solution for GMF and enabled us to provide a service which not only met both aims that GMF targeted us with achieving, but has enabled us to continue to work closely on The GRAYT Cast, now featured on The After 12 Podcast Network.


After 12 media have worked with me on various projects, their energy, passion and enthusiasm is infectious and you know you are getting an amazing service. They are professional and meticulous to detail which ensures the end result is of top quality. I would have no hesitation in recommending this team.

Heather Pownall MD HMH Consultancy