Xbox adds Bethesda to its family

#23: Call of Duty 2021 News, Activision Lawsuits and How to Play Monopoly (Properly) Mind The Gap

This week we discuss the recent news around Call of Duty 2021 (Vanguard??), Skill-based matchmaking yay or nay? and the take down of by none other than Activision… Oh and fun facts, we’re all about the fun facts and this weeks fun facts will blow you away… — Send in a voice message:

On this weeks episode of Mind The Gap:

  • We detail the deal that Microsoft has been working hard to complete, Bringing Bethesda into the Xbox family
  • We detail ‘EA Gate’ as an employee sought to make money from EA’s questionable FIFA in-game loot function
  • We discuss doors, and why they should be appreciated more by gamers…
  • We discuss what we feel about the PS5 after a few months of ownership, what’s good, what’s bad, and what is completely unacceptable about this latest Playstation system – See a few links below to some our favourite PS4 reviews.

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Mystic Ryan – PS5 review

If you want to read the stories we discussed at their source, here are a few links for you to follow:

MKBHD – PS5 Review/Initial Impressions

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