The Phantom Gap

Mind the gap is set to return in all its glory next week. The podcast that defines itself by describing what is occurring in the games industry whilst also trying diligently to get back on topic after one of its hosts (Paul) begins to describe why Irn-Bru is orange in colour, yes that can take at least an hour before you discover he hasn’t got a clue.

In the meantime our other host that thinks himself a bit of an academic genius (Phteven) has introduced Mind The Gap’s YouTube to the world. We all know the world needs us in this difficult time and it is what you have all been asking us for, so we are on hand to bring you the best consumer advice and a more fun take on the gaming scene outside of the traditional podcast.

But when the podcast returns you know what to expect. Gaming news, gaming speculations, those that make the games being held to account, and Paul trying to make a sentence las less than 6 minutes and 32 seconds.

We know that there is a lot that has happened in the world of gaming between now, and the last time a MTG podcast blessed the RSS waves, but we hope that you can understand that we… just went through a mini spice girls split up, and now we are back to make some sweet sweet candy… Of course we are kidding! That never happened. We wouldn’t make it into OK! Magazine so it just isn’t worth it for us.

Like you, we have faced personal struggles, family losses, and a feeling that the world, as big and as connected as it is, was just a little too small and uncertain for us to keep being ourselves for a little while. Personally, I (Steven) have to thank my co-host Paul for being a beacon of energy these past few weeks as he inspired us both to get the show on the road once more and be a light at the end of the tunnel for both ourselves, and you, our audience (lets hope that light isn’t an oncoming train).

Anyway, enough babble. We return to your local podcast site, app, whatever, very very soon. So good luck when that happens and we love you.

The MTG Team.


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