Rise of Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap in lockdown managed to subvert expectations across the board. Our audience both loved and hated what they heard. It is exactly what we aim for in our artistic endeavours and what we think every podcast should aim to achieve in every episode; alienate 50% of your base, while simultaneously delivering a knockout performance in the eyes of the other 50% regardless of the consequences (what are those anyway).

Never mind. We ignored a winning formulae that was the MTG episode set up from the very start. We created a show that didn’t take itself too seriously, whilst also delivering key information on news topics in great depth to our listeners on all things tech and gaming. Oh, and we delivered this in the style of two drunken Scots walking home after a night in the barras high on life and who cant stop laughing at terrible jokes like “I thought that lamppost was a person”.

Well, dear viewer, we have some fantastic news that at least 50% of you will be glad to hear. We are returning. The show is back. However, for the other 50% do not be so hasty as to think we are taking the Last Jedi approach to Mind The Gap for a second time, we are not. We have subverted enough expectations that it is now time to recapture the magic of our once great show and make it better than ever before.

The show will have a new set structure for all of you that couldn’t quite follow our previous structure that closely resembled the last weetabix in the bottom of the pack… slowly getting away from you whilst leaving an uncontrollable mess in its wake.

Fun Facts will be keeping it’s place… this was at my co-hosts explicit request, not that I disagree, but we cant Rian Johnson this reboot. We want to talk more about the games we play so we want o share with you each week what we have been playing to escape from this awful nightmare that we call “life” in 2021 lockdown. We want to bring you the latest news from the world of gaming, whilst giving your our “expert” opinion on the matters as well as bringing you our main topics that we feel need to be talked about that week, and why it is so important to us. But, the part that you will all be waiting for, the part that is like that slice of garlic bread to go alongside your macaroni, our recommendation station accompanied by our rant of the week.

We are aiming to split the main show which will cover everything except the weekly rant and our recommendation station, which we will aim to be the second episode in the week. Or this may be a by-weekly episode… who knows. We may yet still subvert expectations, but we aim to right our wrongs and forge a bringht future.

There is a chasm ahead of us taht we are aiming to fill, but while we make our way over this gorge, we wont ignore that, we will just, of-course, mind that gap along with you, our audience.

The MTG Team.


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